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Default You are all pawns in a game!

Hello all,

Today is the day that the secret organization I am a member of goes public with our first communique.

We have infiltrated the ranks of your writing industry and we are using our influence with authors to subvert the message of 1000s of books and articles.

We are speaking of a large scale targeted operation. Our operatives have been working the industry and forums for years, using false identities they have built up a staunch reputation in this your 'community'.

In doing so not only have our operatives been able to seduce other authors into following a carefully laid out trap, they have also been able to recommend and build up the reputation of real members of our organization out in the open, working in plain sight.

The authors you most admire who you hold up as celebrated successes of your community, are merely using you to support books which are a front for political sabotage on a grand scale, very real secrets being marketed as fiction.

Your idolation makes you blind and we are happy for you to stay that way, so long as the favours keep rolling in from the real person behind the character that is. I think fans would be very concerned if the evil character they felt so passionately about turned out to have a very real face in the world they live.

We hold no bones about what it is we do, we are as mercilous as the game we prey on, our aims aren't to achieve popularity, we neither believe in freedom or power nor desire it, such things are simply unnecessary risk, we are just another cog in the machine skimming off a profit, our anonymity is our weapon and we plan on keeping it that way.

You will only know us by the process of disruption we engage in. We refuse to leave a signature as we are not here to inform on ourselves, consider this a public service announcement, your leaders will submit to our will, and it is your own deference to authority that condemns you as pawns in our operations.

Why are we telling you all this? Because we are confident in our absolute control of your industry and your forums, we have seen your true nature and know everything about how you behave, you enjoy your exclusive club so much that I doubt very much even if you knew who was pulling the strings that you would have the courage to change.

Finally there have been some unfortunate instances of people in power not coming through on favors because they didn’t believe in our substance, well they found out the hard way we are very real. As much as we enjoy taunting you with your mistakes, this is a business and we expect by releasing this communique today we have set the record straight.

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