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Originally Posted by uncephalized View Post
I don't think any work of fiction should be censored, or kept away from children of an appropriate age to understand the content (and that varies, from kid to kid). Nabokov is one of the greats of English literature and should be read by anyone with an interest.

On an unrelated note, where are you from originally, Nacia? Just trying to pin down your 'accent'.
I aint got an accent I am from London. only kidding
I am French speaker and Spanish too

about Nobokov howver is one saying because one writes perfectly one is allowed imperfectly>?
the style override the content?
I believe sincerely that the idea of this book is not suitable for a child. because it gives the impression that is ok for an adult to imagine and think and write ideas that are not acceptable in everyday life as far a child is concerned.
this book would not be ok if it turned out to be true in real life.
just because it is a book it does not mean it is fine to indulge in such.
it is my thoughts and retain them for reasons that justifiably valid.
it is not about censorship it is about being aware.
and the very core of this book is not.
a lesson in
life is a pound
in sound
it reminds us
it is expensive a fine
so bear one
in mind

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