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Start 8:40 pm

She sits on the edge. Not a cliff, although her heart has taken a leap of faith. The grass is green below her, coarse against her bare legs; her black skirt spills across the hill like ink, dark even on this darkest of nights. A simple shirt and hat, brim set at a jaunty angle, complete the image. Her eyes are scarcely visible, shadows beneath the moonlight.

He speaks suddenly. "I wonder when they're going to start." His voice is awkward, uncertain, breaking the web of ethereal beauty she has woven around herself, but she smiles, and she turns her head up just slightly, so that he can see those eyes sharing happiness.

She shifts; he's abruptly aware of how close she is. How close, how dark. The night air is chilled, but nothing compared to her snow white skin. He turns away, to look out across the tranquil water, to look anywhere but at her and the enigma she represents.

Noise wreaks the air and she jumps slightly, and without knowing how or why they find themselves holding hands. She laughs softly, her words a gentle caress. "I'm not used to fireworks."

He stares at her, at the contradiction she embodies. "Look at the reflections," he says, pointing out across the water, watching her in awe as she turns with all the eagerness of a young child to gaze at the bright lights, mirrored below in the ever-peaceful river.

Tempestuous and calm, dark and peaceful. He falls silent, content to simply observe, content to hold her small, delicate hand.

End - 8:50

I hate trying to end these things! I didn't really like how that one turned out

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