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You've been watchig me for an hour now, I've been glancing at you. Howcan you be so selfish? Sitting there with your cafe grande while beneath my tangled, hasitly tied locks theres a novel searing my soul, yet here you are with your sexy little smile ruining it all as I waste my talent, draw lines with my heart strings about you and your coffee.

I bet you'll talk about me later to your friends, or at least you'll want to, tell them how eccentric I looked, but you'd do me in a heartbeat. Then you'll move on, tell them how you always wanted to be a writer but never had the courage. How you admire people like me and our reckless abandon. I know there's not many who'd admit this but I admire your paycheck, your steady life. Oh to know I'll eat tomorrow!

I love my life, truly I do! but to eat well, love with money as well as passion, treat her to the finer things, treat myself. My tattered clothes compliment my looks; the fact I seem to be dressed in the last clothes on earth, but thats all I have now. All that is lft of the little blonde girl so full of life and potential is rips and tears, folded pages of an ink stained book documenting someone else's life.

So smile for me once more, my story's all byt told, I'll pay for my coffee with only coins and leave the best tip I know how; my joy on a page, just for you.
A Girl in Winter.
His lips parted, cracked and dry as he struggled to whisper: "My muse, you're here."
She simply smiled, "Yes, Drake, I am here."
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