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Default Looking For an Agent/Business Partner

I'm recovering from mental health issues, and am seeking help. As I've said, I can commit to a certain level of out put, and am willing and able to adjust to make it more salable. I'm willing, and able--to commti to those things, come the apocalypse, or high water.

Specifically, I have a blog I'm trying to promote. I can share profits, when they're available, but what I really need is a business partner. I can handle discipline, and deadlines, but I burned out studying in the past, and do not wish to do so, again. To that end, I'm seeking the right supports to sustain a writing career. By myself, I'd make a lousy freelancer, but with help, I think I could.

I can handle, say, a 4,000-5,000 word-a week workload; as a freelancer, it could go any number of ways, be they product reviews, or whatever. I just don't want to bother with the self-promotion; someone else can handle that, but I can handle the writing itself.

Question is, how can I find such a someone?

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