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Originally Posted by Jim Colyer View Post
The United States should have stayed out of Korea. If we had, Korea would be one country today, not unlike Vietnam. Koreans are the same people and should be together. The damage is done! Now North Korea is belligerent and paranoid, cut off from the rest of the world. Hothead Kim Jung-un grew up hating the United States and is testing missiles. He wants nuclear warheads. Kim is deceiving himself if he thinks he can win a nuclear war. It may come down to the US nuking North Korea before North Korea nukes the US. Even then, chaos may ensue. Kim's million man army may pour into South Korea. The city of Seoul is but 35 miles across the border. America's national security is paramount. Better to nuke than to be nuked!
You make a good point, that the Ghosts of Christmas Past can still return and haunt countries, years after they make their choices. Knowing this, that choices can haunt a country years afterwards, would a nuclear weapon be the best and only option?
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