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Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
what about? the fact that I did not agree on Lolita as a book because it is a perverse book or the fact that some stuff is best left alone?
If Lolita is a perverse book then do you cover your eyes, plug your ears and start singing lalala when similar "perversion" makes it to the 6 o' clock news?

Lolita is like many literature fiction [this is not fantasy land, world is a land of gumdrops & rainbows found in the escapism writing of genre fiction] books - it grabs the nasty nature of humanity by the horns and doesn't care if it is "abnormal" because simply put human nature is abnormal. If humans weren't prone to being abnormal then things like Lolita wouldn't be happening in real life... and trust me, they do [plenty of stories all over the world that sing a very similar tune as this book].

Lolita is a good read, an exceptional read, and to knock it off as perverse is no better than shuffling any of the other "nasty" books aside.

You say your kids are getting quite the education - but if you ignore such "nasty" topics as this then their education is stunted.
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