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Yeah or like... when nations gave up on God and started worshipping the state, North Korea is supposed to be atheist...

I had the perfect amount of Thanks until you came along
Thats interesting about North Korea being atheist. I didnt know that. But speaking of North Korea, I watched a video recently of a girl from there talking about some of the horrors she dealt with living there and trying to get out. Here's a link in case anyone wants to watch it.

Your comment also put me in mind of a film I watched about German kids trying to survive in post WWII Germany. It was really interesting to think about things from their point of view, how they'd come to believe the hype and propoganda sold to them by the nazis about Jews and the Allied nations etc. It was also interesting to think that a lot of people in Germany worshipped Hitler like a god or father figure and that ties back into what you were saying about people worshipping the state. It really does show how people are wired to worship and will believe fucking anything if it suits their spiritual needs at the time.
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