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Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
is faith stronger and more relevant then god and religion?
God - Father/Son/Holy Spirit is the top for me. My faith is based on my belief.

Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
for example:

I can have faith in myself or a friend because I believe their friendship has worth in time of needs
This faith involves trust. Or at the least very strong hope.

Originally Posted by Nacia View Post
take a convert
he or she switches religion because he or she develop a faith that convinces them one religion is better then the other.
it is not about god but about the belief a conviction that one thing is better then the other.

faith is more update and more relevant then religion in this cases and many more.
do you agree?
If someone switches religions then either their faith was weak, or perhaps something they believed in proved false, or some combination.
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