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@Brianpatrick, er. the publics,
no flu

there's this fever reducer recipe i've yet to need to try, but here goes, it's South American ancient and a current redact as to whom i've curated the info from, here goes, i'd like to hear if you do this:

Potatoes. Raw
Sliced in medallion coins (not sure if you need to peel skins, dealers choice)
Place potato coins all over body and wrap tightly with dry bandanas, potatoes must touch your skin when you sleep.

To keep the chips touching your body all night, you have to wrap tight.
Places to include: forehead, chest, and feet

Feet are the easiest because you put the potatoes in your socks.
In the morning your fever may be reduced and breakfast served.

i've got a poetic version of this recipe, but its not ready yet.
and you made me spill a bean. let me know if you try this, the lady who told me about this had raised a total of 12 children and they are all still alive
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