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Originally Posted by DwayneA View Post
then how are modern writers supposed to create something completely original?

They are not supposed to. Here's a quote about it:

'Before I found this voice I saw all of it happen. I can't get away from it now, I'm sick with it. but then, I desperately wanted to understand what the geniuses knew. The great ones that were so much talked about, so maligned and cherished throughout history. From stone age cave paintings up through present day, I would hear people talk about them. Some would say things like: "it's so new and fresh," and I knew this wasn't enough. They didn't understand, like me. There must be more to it. A few years after this night, when I'd resigned to the realities of a straight job, I met a man who seemed to get it. He carried a copy of James Joyce's Ulysses like it was a bible. "It has to be read like poetry," he'd said, after I told him that I'd murdered my way through it and couldn't contain it's meanings—couldn't codify them into useful knowledge. To me Joyce was just the fucking Irish!

"It heals people," he'd said. He was so gentle. Now I know what he means, but I didn't then. Art doesn't explode out into new and frivolous novelties; it implodes into what's true about us all. It informs everything—literally everything—causing what looks like madness or sickness in its practitioners. One is no longer writing or painting or playing its notes. It moves itself, and it's all one can do to hang on for the ride.'
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