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Default A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful fairy with wings of delicate golden gossamer, and all who saw her were mesmerized.

She frolicked among the lanes and byways, and all of the knights, heroes and swordsmen pined for her, and longed for her as she drifted along the paths as if by unseen currents in the air.

But one maiden was jealous of the fairy, and tripped her. And as the fairy tripped to the floor of the exhibition hall, and the fairy's golden wig tangled in her golden wings, which then ripped her bodice, and her custom-made falsies rolled under a table piled high with moldy old comic books.

And although the movie studios and television networks brought lots of clips and celebrities to the ComicCon, it was a video of the poor little fairy tripping up and losing his false titties that got the most hits on YouTube that year.

The moral of the story is: all that seems certain in the first sentence may be overturned completely by the end of the tale.
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