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Lady Blue and Fat Daddy


Lady Blue Jay flew from her nest singing her song while floating on the light breeze in the air. Lady Blue Jay flew eagerly in search of a meal for her hungry chicks. As Lady Blue Jay flew around she spotted a worm crawling out of the ground and thought, “That is a fat daddy of a worm and would feed my babies and fill their bellies.” Lady Blue Jay swooped down to grab Fat Daddy Worm and as she was about to grab him with her beak Fat Daddy Worm quickly turned and slid back down in to the ground. Lady Blue Jay flew up and landed on a tree branch just above where the worm had gone into the dirt.

Lady Blue Jay waited only but a few minutes when Fat Daddy Worm stuck his head out to see if it was safe to return to the outside in search of fresh dirt to burrow. Fat Daddy Worm started to slither out and Lady Blue Jay swept down snapping her beak at him and missing once again as he sucked himself back down in the ground.

After a few minutes Fat Daddy Worm stuck his head out and saw Lady Blue Jay sitting on the tree branch. He yelled up, “You might as well go find another hole to perch over for I am fat and have been successful at avoiding birds like yourself. Go find your food somewhere else.”

Lady Blue Jay stared down at Fat Daddy Worm and said, “You may be right about that but it looks like rain and I know how worms like to wallow in the water in search of softer ground.”

Fat Daddy Worm looked up and saw nothing but blue sky and sunshine. “Pish-posh it’s not going to rain, you see all the sunshine, it is going to be a hot day and I will be nice and cool down in my hole. Now move along, you will never get me. Your claws can’t dig deep enough to find me.”

Lady Blue Jay stayed perched on the tree branch and waited. The day grew warm and she shook her feathers to keep cool. After some time the sky became dark and the rain started to come down. At first a few drops and Lady Blue Jay remained still and stared down at the dirt. Within moments the ground was wet and puddles were forming. Lady Blue Jay shook the rain from her feathers and waited. Other smaller worms started rising to the top, floating in the water. Lady Blue Jay stayed on the tree branch and waited. Sure enough Fat Daddy Worm came slithering out of the ground relishing in the fresh water that had soaked the ground and crawled towards some fresh dirt moist and easy to burrow in. Lady Blue Jay soared down, scooped up Fat Daddy Worm, and flew off with him screaming, “Where did you come from, were you waiting all this time?” Lady Blue Jay flew to her nest and allowed her chicks to feast on one big Fat Daddy Worm.

It’s not the early bird that catches the worm it’s the patient one.
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