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Words have different definitions in different fields.

For example, in medicine and psychiatry, sodomy is defined as anal-phallic intercourse between two men. In law, sodomy is defined as any sort of intercourse other than penile-vaginal intercourse.

The laymen's definition of Narcissism (My ability to spell has been declining since the 6th grade) has NOTHING to do with the psychiatric definition of Narcississm.

IN psychiatry, the Narcissist is not necessarily in love with himself. Rather, he is totally engrossed in himself. He constantly contemplates and frets about: His physical health, the beauty of his clothes, the swagger of his car and the stateliness or snazziness of his home. He is terrified if a zit, two milimeters in diameter, were to mar his diadem of a face.

Actually, this disorder overlaps quite a bit with the "borderline" personality disorder which refers to people who straddle the realms of the neurotic and the psychotic . (Actually, the term neurotic has been excisd from the current DSM.)

People with this condition often had very close relationships with their Mothers, were often something like their Mothers' mates, received an excess of Maternal attention, and often see themselves and their Mothers as being engaged in a sort of Jihad in which it is Mama and me against the World.
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