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Originally Posted by Grace Gabriel View Post
No, it's not Myers, you're right - just drawing on what we already have, which isn't sufficiently compelling, in any of it's versions, for some of us. So what would be?
I tried to throw a few things out there.

But yes -- that was my point more or less. Like if you were writing a novel, would you have it go down just as expected -- with quite miracles and the guy getting crucified literally or figuratively? I think that's been done.

Because I would consider a less likely course of events and then do my best to make them seem plausible. With something like this there are an infinite number of twists and turns and combinations of events at your disposal.

Since this hasn't happened and isn't likely to happen, I think that's as good a way to approach it as any. The problem is there so many "what ifs" -- you could go on all day.

Maybe it is God. He's changed his mind -- and he's decided to give us ONE more chance -- so he drops in for the last time to tell us to get our shit together. Like when your mom is driving and she says, "Kids, do I have to pull this car over...?"

Or maybe he's an alien, and he's going to round us all up onto spaceships to make us slaves on a distance planet. Well, maybe not. I'm not into science fiction -- but I think that one's been done before too.

The other thing is, I think how this might play out comes down to the questions being mostly the same as when you are considering the existence of any God or higher power. That's when things usually get dicey in these discussions. And I know that's what you're trying to avoid...

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