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When you are very drunk, you are numb to the world. You can't feel hot or cold, although occasionally you feel warm even when it's freezing outside. When you are very drunk lying down and pressing your face against something really cold seems like heaven.

The world moves. Spin around - do it again - and again - spin until you're dizzy and the world revolves around you - ha! you are now drunk! Of course, when your head stops spinning the world calms down. If you're drunk that spinning stays with you! You find it hard to stay on your feet because the ground tips up and hits you in the face. You reach out to touch a wall only to find it's about a foot further away than you thought, with predictable results. Fortunately, because you're drunk, you can't feel the raw scrape now decorating the side of your face. The tickle of your blood dripping is kind of pleasant though.

You might feel sick. This is ok and normal. Some seriously greasy chips will help with that. Except you can't remember how to get to the chipshop. Or how to get home. You are liable to select a random bus/train and end up somewhere unknown, but you won't care very much. You've lost your money, and maybe a shoe. You hit your shin on something hard and yellow (it's a salt-grit bin). This should have a stitch and you will get a nice scar - but right now you don't even feel it.

Period of no memory...

You wake up at three am, totally naked, on a random sofa.

Period of no memory....

You vomit and then stagger up to bed. The bed swoops and sways unnecessarily violently as you close your eyes. You have an incipient headache that feels like someone is hitting you between the eyes with a hammer.

Hangover time... but you've made it home safe, although your shin has a raised bruise the size of an egg and is covered in blood.
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