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Half-way through my second glass of wine, I start feeling warm and a little giddy. After my second, I drink a bottle of water. My third does little, I just feel good and laugh at stupid stuff. I stop after that. Fruity, with a little bit of a tingle like rubbing alcohol. I prefer dry wines, which are more sour, but my sister likes sweet desert wines.

A cheap American beer helps me relax before I go to bed, or calm down after a stressful day at work. It's usually what I have with my boyfriend, who can't hold his alcohol at all. I only drink one, because they taste nasty. Like bitter, bread-flavored water.

My dad's imported German beers make me feel like one of the guys. I'll sip one during a game of poker or a "Father's Day movie" like Die Hard, or sometimes on holidays. It's like drinking bread, but a flavorful homemade bread, not watered down.

I don't drink hard liquor, because while the Bible approves of alcohol consumption (Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine!), it uses fairly strong language against drunkenness. I don't know how many shots of whiskey I could drink without getting drunk, and I'm not ready to try.
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