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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
While you're at it, better make sure you have no shakespeare on your bookshelves; suicide, murder, disfigurement, rape... all human life is there
Well to tell you the truth it is very hard for me to stop them from witnessing all these herrendous stuff because it is on the news/tv/media/outside all the time it literally surrounds you whether you like or not.
I would not want to add to their distress by giving them more of it in a form a book. I think you can appreciate where I am coming. All this you mention happen on a daily whether you step your doorstep or you don't. One place I can think of the top of my head is school , a perfect place where bullying goes on.That is one form of abuse.
My kids are well aware of what is going on they do not need shakespeare to tell them all about it. Reading about it will only make it worse. So no Lolita for me or them I am afraid.
Better throw out the Harry Potter too. People die. Bad shit happens. To children.

Best of all, don't teach your kids to read at all - then, if ignorance truly is bliss your kids will be in raptures.
Haha...too late they are ahead of their time with reading and writing but one thing they are not is ignorant.
Now how about PS3 and the violent gaming worlds. Who needs books when they can sit and play violence in front of a screen?
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