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Originally Posted by Redlorry View Post
I agree with CandraH. If you are reading something that you don't like or stop enjoying, then stop reading it. But you can't tell others they shouldn't read it based on your views, morals or ideals.

For me, I hate rape. I can't watch, read or hear about it without it playing on my mind for a considerable amount of time.

Therefore, I know I won't enjoy 'The Lovely Bones' and have avoided reading it. I know others have read it and found it to be a very moving story, but I personally won't be able to get past a rape scene to see it that way. I would tell anyone why I won't read it, but it's not for me to tell others they shouldn't read it because of how I feel.
The first time I read The Lovely Bones I thought it was overall a good book (tho I thught it dragged a bit in places) and had no problem with it. The second time I read it I kept picturing my eldest DD as the victim and I had to put it down. I later threw the book out as I couldn't even look at it. A little over the top, I know, but it really bothered me the second time--maybe because DD was closer in age to the main character the second time around.
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