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Mike C;491943]There's a big difference between what one reads oneself and what one permits ones children to read. I wouldn't encourage a child to read the book but by the same token, its not a childish book; by the time you can read and appreciate the language (I tried and gave up after 2 pages when I was 12 or 13) you're old enough to handle the content.

It's a book. That's all. As far as I'm aware, reading a book never turned an ordinary person into a pedophile, or caused a child lasting harm.
Of course that is your opinion and I do respect it but mine is slightely different in that that I have children and therefore a book like this will never enter my house because I have children.
For me to read it and then forbid it for children to not is silightly hyporocrytical of me so I decide not to for this very reason.
If it is not child friendly/safe then it is not for me. It makes life easier for me.
Nabokov is a master of linguistics and couches terrible desires and acts within artful wordplay; he seduces the reader as surely as Humbert seduces Lolita, and you become complicit in his crimes.
Yep and that is exactly my point is that I do not wish to be complicit in a crime such as this.
The book is about a lot of things and Nabakov uses Humbert's obsession with Lolita to explore cultural differences, the nature of desire, the fallibility of psychology and of course alienation.
I am not sure whether I totally agree that child sexual exploitations has anything to do with culture or desires, I think it is deeper then that and much more twisted then one wishes to let out.
Again this is my opinion.
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