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Originally Posted by Redlorry View Post
Yes, they should absolutely. Just because a subject is uncomfortable does not mean it should be avoided.

Lolita is a fantastic and (to my mind) classic piece of literature. Beautifully written and more importantly it makes you think!

You know all along whats happening is wrong but it's written so cleverly that the story actually paints the MC as the victim and Lolita as, well not quite a villan, but I personally felt she was a sopiled brat.

It's not until you get to the end of the book where the MC starts to reflect on his actions that you really see him for what he was.

This book left me examining my thoughts about the story long after I'd finished reading it.
I can appreciate what you mean but I feel I could not go along with it because I felt it wrong it too wrong...but then each reader is different.
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