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Originally Posted by ProsperosCell View Post
What do you think of Harold Bloom's evaluation on David Foster Wallace: "He can't write and he can't think"?
DFW has an abrasive style. It's no surprise a lot of people don't take to it.

I have yet to meet someone that is genuinely intrigued by Infinite Jest's first few sections
That's me. The first few pages were slow, but I was drawn along by some bizarre peculiar feeling just below the surface of banality. Hal's insanity, I mean. By the end of that section I was hooked. And then the next subject and circumstance -- OCD-level pot smoker in the grips of addiction, trying to smoke himself out forever -- was something I could identify with, having dealt with addiction and unhappiness and spiraling wobbly logic, and the writing here proved so cartoonish and absurd yet still retaining believability somehow that I was tickled to have found this guy DWF, like having just made an hyper-intelligent friend with a great sense of humor, always willing to jest for laughs.

I'd say James Joyce, merely because I like all 4 of his main works pretty equally.
Dubliners contains some of the best shorts I've read. Portrait of the Artist, however, has beaten me into submission the last three times I've tried to finish it.
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