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What do you think of Harold Bloom's evaluation on David Foster Wallace: "He can't write and he can't think"?

I admire both of them, but I really think there is something to that statement that actually lends to DFW's interesting qualities. For example, his book Everything and More(a fun read) which is filled with errors and contradictions. Or he writes in the cover of "Suttree" by Cormac McCarthy that the book has a poor introduction. I have yet to meet someone that is genuinely intrigued by Infinite Jest's first few sections (eventually some have overcome the barrier, I started it twice myself.) Yet, that odd self-doubting voice is what characterizes him for me, and makes so many of his essays seem sensible and immediate.

My favorite poetry writer at the moment is Seamus Heaney, I have just recently gotten into him though so my opinion is not fully developed. Its so hard to choose for prose, mainly because I feel farther removed and therefore less apt to choose a specific author to read. I'd say James Joyce, merely because I like all 4 of his main works pretty equally.
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