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Being and Nothimgness is not only a densely written book, it also assumes you are familiar with the history of philosophy and the different concepts it has produced. But let me try to retell the introduction you posted:

Philosophy (the greek/western kind) has always struggeld with the duality of the things we see and teh thruth behind these things. For example: You can see the bodily presentation of a human being, but the soul, which was long believed to your true self, cannot be seen. And this was the case for all things living or dead. For ages, the discussion was not about whether a hidden (true) reality existed, but about the how and what of that reality, from Plato and Ariatoteles to Descartes and Kant. Sartre, and Husserl and Heidegger, were not the first, but the most famous opposers to this assumption. They believed reality is what you see, there's nothing hidden, you only have to learn how to look. In Sartres words: there is no exterior (body) and interior (soul), there is only appearance and by studying appearances one can learn the thruth.

Laymans words, but i hope it's clear anough.

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