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Nah, nothing wrong at all, that a couple of shots of Scotch won't fix. Something to make the dailylife seem not so immediate.

I died once; went to a place where all was one, and one was all. I became part of the Universe, saw it all and understood it.

Understood perfect peace.

Had a choice: Stay, or go.

I stayed (here), and what I remember the most is that perfect peace, a feeling of complete and utter, total serenity.

Of knowing all of everyone's dirty secrets:the time my brother fucked my wife;the shenanigans that kept me from getting what I wanted, no matter how hard I worked for it - all the little slights and grand felonies that had been committed against me, and I became aware of the fact that none of it mattered.

In the Universal scheme of things, my little problems down here were nothing but a drop in a bucket in a big ol' ocean of things to worry about, and as such were, as a friend used to say, "Nothin' but a thing."

Which got me to wondering:if it's so peaceful out there, so brimful of satisfaction, what possesses us to come here?

And then I got it. It's boredom. Twenty gazillion eons of being all and knowing all, and I believe a man would just have to get drunk and shoot a TV.

So that's all life is. An amusement park for the angels, as it were, where we can pull a bunch of energy together in a tight little ball and walk around in it, shooting guns and fucking women and generally being little heathens.

So don't worry too much about finding 'yourself'. You'll be there when you die, and you'll detatchedly wonder why you wasted so much time looking for something that was coming your way anyway.

Anyhoo (to borrow a saying from ol' Picklebottom), it's all just a trip. Enjoy.
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