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repost from elsewhere

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've written two historical novels, one set during World War II, the other during the mid-Sixties. Both have a global range. I've no idea how to get published, or even readers.
" I like to read the works for those whom I've conversed with first, why, because it brings their works into perspective..." smiled the goblin who felt the easiest way to get readers for one's books was to turn one's books into audiobooks and upload them to youtube, restarting " might mean that you have to offer the first book as bait there, but if they like that first book well then they might buy the sequel of it if linked...", not that the goblin himself cared to read books much, yes he did read them still, only that he seemed increasingly alone in doing so, just everyone else seemed online chatting away instead, only audiobooks held their readership because they alone could be played in the background while one drove to somewhere or did the housework or just plain whatever then, before concluding "...whoops, sorry I guess none of this really has anything to do with welcoming you to this forum as should be...", so in order to make amends the goblin simply drew a circle in the air to reveal a coffee-table, and upon it only the finest filtered coffee, cream and sugar, and a whole plateload of homemade biscuits too, before turning to xxxxx, asking " you'll join us won't you, I mean more folks read casual posts than most anything else, where all you have to do is "make a name for yourself" by what you write for them here, yet it's not "what you write" for them really, but "what you keep on writing for them", something as a constant then, that keeps them reading you still...", in fact the goblin couldn't be more inviting even if he knew he was offering a posting treadmill in disguise here

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