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repost from elsewhere, someone on Jat's thread

"...ah but it's not what I write that matters now, no it's what you think up by why reply that matters to me here, or else I go hungry in this endeavor between us, so feed me then, pull more words from your pen and ponder a reply to me..." smiled the goblin in a most goblinlike manner, and who like "jats the chameleon" remained anonymous throughout, relating "...well now, perhaps too their "fame and fortune" sounds like "vain and cheap" to me, yet either way it's a prison of one's own making to be swayed by such distraction, being a lesser goal compared to the true freedom of one anonymity here, so writers write while those readers read, but us livewriters are more like cheats then, for we feed to be fed in a round of sorts, and besides, no one remembers even yesterday's posts, yet "what one writes writes one back" and that ability remains and grows doesn't it, so it's that ability that is my true goal here, wish me luck now and keep me company still...", in fact, the goblin mostly loved those long moments between whatever lines he hit upon in his head and their posting with his tapping keyboard, saying " posts perhaps are born of this depth here, thus they're as me then right up until the moment they're finally posted away, but then they're on their own I guess where their continued life or eventual death rests solely upon the whims of this all too fickle forumland alone..."

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