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repost form elsewhere, the "get real" thread

"...get real, well yes I suppose that's all very well for someone who wants to be "their reality" there, just "real" each time then, but what if I don't want to "get real" now, when and where that "being real" sounds so much like perfection does, ah yes all that predictable perfection again, being a boring thing in itself with no flexibility whatsoever, naah your reality is overrated humans, where imperfection offers one so much more unpredictability doesn't it..." replied the goblin also wondering what most folks read these days, oh and whether he ever saw them reading it for all their opinions upon the matter, then adding " see, those readers are no further away from you than at the other end of your posts, and you could pretend if you like that those who read your posts aren't readers at all, yet more folks read short interactive content today than most anything else, so where are your posts now, me I find my authors through their posts if at all where authors without posts are like painters without sketches, so sketch for me while you still have my attention...", and with that the goblin agreed that most writers were their own worst enemies for their arrogance they showed towards their own posts, then the goblin just smiled saying "...btw to get real "real" just look up from your screen and just admit to yourself that you're bored out of your banana, so instead get "productive" now, "imaginative" too, and just flow form your pen in posts a plenty, for ever that journey to self awaits...", where the voice in the background went "...this has been a public service announcement on behalf of "reality escaping goblins" everywhere..."

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