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Default I once read

(hell if I can remember where - I am sure it
was 2 digit years ago) the difference between
warrior (it had to be some martial arts periodical)
and ordinary man is the w... gets to choose the
time and manner of his passing

Well, as we all know, there is always some variance
between statements and actual conditions

Even so, I did chase that dragon for quite some time

Now - older and able to pose as wiser (due to
some gray whiskers and a curious glint in my eye)
I see a way to apply the aforementioned

I limit my exposure to possibly detrimental
situations whenever possible

Oh, it don't mean I won't walk into the
fire if need be

But take now for instance:
I'm early for work in a deserted
parking lot (one minute from the job)
writing this while watching my watch


'Cause I am determined to limit contact
with a work mate who has a
"bait and see" personality

Now that is my interpretation of his "way"
And I know it is formed by my "had enough
of people fuckin' with me" attitude

I'm tryin' to change
I'm changin'

And now it is time for me to slip my
freshly emerging
convivial self into the work environment

Man, if I can only last until I get
to the Philippine jungle
(there I will be normal)


Through the smoke and fog there comes a form ... shape shifting ... could this be the Future?
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