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Subjects. And thereís not a lot we can do about it.

There will come an enemy, so powerful, so threatening, that the world will unite against it. ISIS is peanuts in comparison.

Lucky for your philosophy the major points of attack will be large cities like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, et al. Liberal bastions. Also Paris, London, Milan, Toronto, Helsinki, and maybe Mexico City.

I figure you just have to wait it out, bro. I donít think Jesus will really come back and join the fight, but I donít think thatís what John of Patmos was really talking about anyway.

The 14th Amendment and secession will become irrelevant. And youíll be able to do whatever you want in the margins. Itíll be like a reset.

Iím going to concentrate on preserving the technology that will inevitably be lost in the melee.
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