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Originally Posted by Nick Pierce View Post
Oh I know I will never measure up. My writing skill will never be good enough for the people who are in college. Taking classes and tests. Studying the popularly acclaimed greats.

And that is quite alright. Their education serves as shoelace. Keeps footgear on their feet. Toes safe from being stubbed up against the need to express pounding, pulsing, churning, twisting, poking, as of yet, nameless things. Things that gallop, slither and tumble just behind the lips. Things that fill a space between the ears. Roil in the gut. Ache in the legs. Twitch in the spirit.

I do not begrudge them their fashion.

I would not wish this naked vulnerability on anyone.

And I will, without conscience, demise all that ever try to take it (my naked vulnerability) away from me.

Opinions, reactions, Mr. Pierce?
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