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So it was a fairly typical childhood for a young girl in those parts. It does sound like you had just a touch of tomboy in you but only a touch. Probably has something to do with having so many brothers.
The church was interesting. Most children at that age get restless but you enjoyed it. You said your mind could wonder. Did you mean wander? If so, did you enjoy daydreaming?

So let’s skip ahead some. You said you were sent to Chicago. Did you understand why you were sent there? Here I want to make a clear distinction between know and understand.
I would imagine that such a drastic change would have been both traumatic and frightening, especially after what you went through back home. I would think a natural response would be to withdraw into oneself but that is not always the case. Sometimes people will latch onto someone, afraid to be out of their sight. Others might lash out in anger at the smallest incident. For some it can be a mixture. How would you describe your reaction your first few weeks in Chicago?

What was the neighborhood like? Was it primarily inner-city poor or more suburban? How long before you made any new friends? Did any of your brothers move with you? How was your initial relationship with your Aunt?
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