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Your world is becoming much clearer now. Think back to before the rape. Try to remember what kind of child you were. Were there other kids around your age that you use to run with or was it mainly you and your brother?

What did you do for fun? Were you more into playing with dolls or were you more the type that would have been out chasing fireflies and catching tadpoles and crawdads?

Did you have to spend time doing chores? Did you have to help your parents with odd jobs in order to help support the family?

Were you close with your family? Are there any memories that stand out about your mother or father, good or bad?

Any memories of going to church? What about get-togethers after church with extended family and neighbors? Were you the shy one or more the one who wanted to be involved in everything, maybe even a bit of a show-off?

The civil rights movement was going strong during that time, especially in Mississippi. You may have been too young to have taken much notice of it but Iím sure it would have been discussed by the adults. You may have even had marches or protests happening close by. I would assume that there was a lot of tension in the air.

Were there any incidents that stood out for you? You donít have to go into any detail; yes or no will suffice. If so how did you feel? Were you frightened or did you get caught up in the excitement, or maybe even a bit of both? How old were you the first time you became aware of racial inequality or did you even notice it?
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