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My first and most compelling thought is that you would woefully disappoint me as a lover. (The mention of briefs prompted me to imagine you wearing nothing else.)

We have no pretence of foreplay here - no slow courtship of seducing me with the beauty of a carefully selected poem. No interest in who I am (as your reader) and not a hint of personality to make me curious to find out more about you. Rather, an urgent need which you feel can be metaphorically met by a hurried two minutes servicing you with my back against a cold wall - a personal sacrifice on my part without renumeration.

My point is, this is a community which offers a platform to showcase your work, your personality and your name.

David Hockney wouldn't turn up at Southeby's with a furniture van loaded with every canvas he flicked a brush across.

One painting - presented with conviction - sells for seven million. Unlikely to be marketed in the Southeby's catalogue as:

"not entirely ineffectual or unnoticed."

You need to be able to discern what constitutes your best work. This point can only be successfully arrived at by getting feedback from an audience. Currently, you have no sense of priority, value, audience, market placement or staging for what you have produced. Your expectation seems to be to pull a sheaf of papers out of a drawer and send them out to work for you.

As irritating as the news may be for a man with a raging hard-on and only three minutes of his lunch hour left - you need to build relationships.

If you believe everything you have written is worthy of publication, you are deluding yourself. If you anticipate holding back your best efforts to date purely for the eyes of a publisher - there will be nobody out there anticipating your book to hit the shelves. If you can't demonstrate to a publisher that there is an interest or appreciation for your craft, why would they take a gamble?

Writing is actually the easy part. The rest of the process can't be delivered any more quickly than my asking you to succinctly condense your law degree in a few snappy sentences.

Suggest you start by selecting one of your best poems and best essays. Post in the appropriate open section, where they'll get maximum exposure. Take the comments on board. Find out what works.....

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