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I came to this site a fumbling newbie, made some mistakes then was fairly inactive for a while. Since becoming more active again, yes, I've noticed the quality of the critiques has gone up and the general cohesiveness of such a wide variety of members has impressed me.

I would hate to see anyone leave the site. Even those who I don't agree with give me valuable insight into how other people think. This is especially important to someone coming from such an isolated area as Humboldt County. I value your input, even as I'm disagreeing with you.

I know my writing has improved after just a few months here and I believe others can say the same. I think we've got a good crew here. We have our disagreements and our different ways of doing things, but did anyone join just to hear a bunch of like-minded individuals go, "Good job! That's exactly how I would have said it! Keep up the good work!," over and over again?

I think not.
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