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Are things really that bad? Or was this site that amazing in the past?

I'm not sure, but I have had only positive dealings with people on this site. Perhaps it is because when I am critiqued I am grateful that someone has spent their valuable time and energy reading my piece and providing me their important views and feedback. Sure, I don't agree with all of it, but every view point is valid.

I have certainly seen some 'heated' discussion around critique, but every time I have witnessed this it has occurred becuase the author has taken exception to a perfectly valid observation. What I have also seen is people extracting themselves from these situations with dignity and civility.

Now this may be because I am in a timezone where all the bullshit occurs between midnight and six a.m. for me. If this is the case then the moderators have done an exceptional job of tidying this all up like little 'bad-mouth begone' pixies, so I never see it.

I like this place. True, I am very new and possibly naive. I do not frequent the 'news' section here, because it largely has an American 'Obama's a lying bastard' feel, which really doesn't interest me, so I can't speak to any shenanigans that may occur there, but the entire "Write Here" section has been a pleasure.

Sorry to bang on, but I really like it here and it is a bit sad that there appear to be some fantastic people and writers who are disillusioned and are talking of leaving. Please don't, if not for me, then the many others who have recently joined who would benefit from your wisdom and guidence.
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