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I usually put a piece at the top of mine that sort of describes the story and what I am looking for with the critique. Also were in the story it comes. Also it gives people an idea of what I will or will not accept - when it comes to my writing I have a pretty thick skin but like with Mayhem it is staying present tense and my characters in Cream and Black are staying gay .

I find that can help because at least I get the answer I want - like is it confusing or is it boring or does it hook - even if I don't get a full blown critique.

Something like:
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: This is the prologue of an 80,000 word story
Basic Blurb: Augustus Harlow rescues Iris Steele, a black singer from a group of men and takes her back to his hotel. They end up enjoying a glorious night of passion but when Augustus wakes up in the morning Iris is gone. She left taking something with her; his child.

Forty years later Brenda Wray, their daughter casts the spell that sets things in motion that will bring them back together.
Crit Level: Anything but I am particularly wondering if the parts were the paramedics actions cut into the vision if they are confusing or work.

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