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Hi Binx.

This post is off the topic of planning fiction. It seems, after having had many discussions with you on many topics that you always have a section where you personalize your comments. And say something negative about me. It seems to me that you cross the line because the comments are not about the topic but about my inability to discuss it.

Sometimes I do play 'gotcha' but not often. I was writing on this topic because I wanted to get my point of view across, not to 'get' you.

And in your same post you implied I'm an inferior writer because I plan my stories. Doing this moves from a discussion into an aggressive attack mode.

Why is this? I have a lot of respect for you work and your thinking. But the respect ebbs away when you do it.

Our last discussion on advertising is a case in point. You basically said I wasn't qualified to have an opinion because I didn't have as much personal experience as you to even have an opinion. I realized then that you're more interested in feeling good about yourself by making others feel bad about themselves. I find this very distasteful.

I enjoy our discussions. I do not enjoy your negativity aimed at me.


You're not dead 'til you're dead and when you are you won't know it. So, keep on writing and having fun.

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