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I have no doubt that my stories are informed by my subconscious when I write without a plan. Most of our thinking and decision making is, as much as people would like to believe otherwise. That is not news to me. (Sorry to spoil your little "gotcha.")

But that's not the same as consciously planning a story before you write, either on paper or in your head.

So of course, BOTH a story written on the fly and any plan or outline you might come up with ahead of time are informed by subconscious thought. But they represent two different working methods. Not really sure why you're confused about this. That is, if you've looked into this to the extent you've indicated.

I've approached writing fiction both ways. And I outline all the writing I do for work, either mentally or on paper. So I am fully aware of the difference.

And I don't think there's anything mysterious about talent, at least in this context or how I'm using it. And I don't believe you're born with it.

So yes, I'm simply talking about a skill or the ability to do something well gained by learning or experience, but often in ways that aren't clearly identifiable. I think a lot of what we often call talent is formed in early childhood based on many different influences — so it only seems innate.

I suspect that because you don't or can't start with a character or setting and go from there without planning the story, you really don't understand how other writers can do it and not get lost or stuck or wind up with "incoherence."

For one reason or another, you don't possess that ability (or talent, if you will) or you haven't really tried, so you're convinced that other writers can't do it either. Seems rather narrow minded and presumptious to me. You are also assuming that the successful writers mentioned haven't given this the same amount of thought you have. Does that seem even a little improbable to you?

Of course there is also the very real possibility they've landed on a method that works and they don't give a shit what anyone has to say about it, least of all a couple of amateurs on a writing forum.

I know in my case it's perfectly possible to write without a plan, and you've read the results. So I have good reason to believe that other writers who say they can write without consciously planning can do the same.

In the end, when it comes to writing a novel or story, the only thing that is absolutely necessary is actually, you know, writing it. How you get there is entirely up to you.

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