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So I suppose there would need to be some stipulations, the question could be w.r.t. Sexual Selection or Beauty, if with regards to Sexual Selection;

Rule number 1) A person can only choose the ten people, from a sample of one thousand people from two different eras, when they are sober, and pre-sex horny

Rule number 2) The sample of one thousand people will consist of people from all over the world who were adjudged to be representative of "beautiful" people

Rule number 3) The people who make up the thousand sample can only be adjudged on their appearance only (therefore no communication allowed or conflict of interest (like current partners))

Rule number 4) The people who make up the thousand sample will be representative of the sexual preference/s of the person judging

Then we get to the question - would a person select, in their top ten, most people from their era, most people from the immediate future era, or ~50:50

My feeling is, with no evidence to back this up, people will more likely choose more people from their era.
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