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Originally Posted by brianpatrick View Post
Maybe the advancements in photography/video are part of this question. I think if women from the 60's were filmed and photographed today, they would be just as beautiful.

Oh yeah, fashions change. But I think when it comes to banging, the margins are slimmer than we might imagine.
Well that is a good point when it comes to banging, and no doubt the average horny person could make it through both representative groups, but it is the initial choice that would be interesting (especially if we are going on looks alone).

Would a person, from, let's say thousands of beautiful people from both eras, concentrate the initial amount of banging on their era, a previous era, or a future era?

And it could be that it also depends on the era (how far off it is, maybe from the 60s until the present does not make much difference to some people), and no offence to the Dutch, but looking at the people painted in old Dutch paintings (if they are representative and not just the rich inbred ugly people) I could not imagine any of them making my initial top ten. But given enough alcohol and viagra...

Similarly in the future Dutch there could be some weird shit going on, with people having stem cell injections, giving them sixteen arms and five heads, which would give the average future Dutch person a hard on, but once again, given enough alcohol and viagra...
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