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("...depends of the coffee I suppose..." ventured the goblin who rarely wrote without one now, then adding "...I mean like most folks here I imagine I just go through my day doing the biddings of dailylife, then either the muse drags me into one of her plots again, or it's just another ghost who no doubt wants some score settled from way back now, where I oblige and anyway the barebones of the post itself doesn't take me that long to sketch out, yet to then hew that post into something more like "me to my pen" takes as many reposts as need be, where posting is akin to painting, up it goes and then I look at it thinking it's not quite right, and then one paints over what one has written...", in fact the underlying picture the goblin added only marked the fact to him that his post was near painted, smiling " some "painter of posts" perhaps, a livewriter then, this anonymity is just my selfish sincerity towards my craft if it can be called as such...")

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