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Default Online Writing Resources

When I procrastinate on my writing, I read about writing (and other stuff, too)!

Since I made the official decision to write a novel about seven months ago, I bought a LOT of books on the subject, and read a lot on the web.

I thought it'd be nice if we all pulled in together and share our favorite blogs or books with our comments on them and build a common repository of knowledge! I know some of them, if not most, will be known by most, but I seem to discover new blogs or books about the topic of writing every day, so you never know!

I'll start! And don't hesitate to comment on them!

Rachelle Gardner (Very sweet, knowledgeable).
Nathan Bransford (He likes the color orange)
The Rejectionist (Likes LOTR and cats. Hates Twilight.)
Pub Rant (Kristin Nelson, tremendous blog with a lot of resources about the magical art of query writing)
BookEnds LLC (daily entries that usually answer reader's questions)
Et in arcaedia, ego. (Jennifer Jackson)
The INTERN (cute and funny writing, she's young and has a fresh perspective)
Miss Snark (retired but LOT'S OF FUNNY STUFF THAT WOULD MAKE THE UNIVERSE JEALOUS OF OUR FUNNY PEOPLES. A LOT of good posts and resources about NOT what to do.)
Janet Reid (more or less helpful these days, but good old posts to laugh about. She got a temper.)
Query Shark (Janet Reid's second blog, super SUPER helpful)
QueryTracker (Imho I find them a bit snobby, but they have good information and QueryTracker is good if you're disorganized or don't know how Excel works)
Editorial Ass (editor with attitude, good info and funny at times)
Editorial Anonymous (Good info)

These are the books I bought and read.

Strunk & White (the little bible, needs no introduction)
On Writing (King's memoir, mesmerizing read. He doesn't like plot though...)
Stein on Writing (a bit old-fashioned and had a hard time finishing it, but there is no doubt he knows what he's talking about)
Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (totally awesome, a must read)
The Writer's Journey (currently reading, dense but very good advice)
Writing the Breakout Novel (very good for commercial fiction writers, I liked it a lot. Donald Maass also has his own agency and I think he is pretty well known in publishing)
Story (extremely technical review on the technique of crafting plot and story. For screenwriters primarily, but applies to novel writing too. Apparently the guy's a legend.)
The First Five Pages (very helpful for perfecting those first pages you usually send with a query. Noah Lukeman also has his own agency and a blog)
The Key (Not good. I made the mistake of buying his two How to Write A Good Damn Novel Part I and II, they also stink. Very disappointed, general and unhelpful advice. Save your monies)

Forums & websites
Predators and Editors (free extended repertory of literary agents. Allows you to know who to avoid, who is recommended, and who is highly recommended.)
AgentQuery(good database, also advice on how to format query, how to send in a manuscript, etc.)
World-Building Tools for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers
PoeWar (For anyone interested in writing as a career, primary or side)
Scribd (A social writer's site with an interesting premise)
Writer's Character Chart (An interesting thing for the detail-mad among us)
I'd also like to add that I AM VERY MAD AT THE 24 WRITERS FOR KILLING *YOU*KNOW*WHO IT WAS LAZY WRITING, WRITERS! I'd also like to mention Robin William's rendition of how Golf was invented is the FUNNIEST THING EVER, and some more of his humor in our writing would contribute to making bestsellers. I will abstain on commenting on Lost because I think J.J. Abrams rocks and I loved Fringe and Star Trek, BUT I BETTER HAVE CLOSURE SIR!

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