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Default Need ideas for >2 minute funny af cartoon video!

Hello everyone. As you can read in the title i'm gonna be making some comic videos. I've already come up with 3 characters and I need a video to introduce my work but I'm stuck at how to introduce my characters so people may actually want to see more of it. Details are as follows:

Name of show: The Infidels
Characters: 1) Savage Swami

2) Holy Father

3) Jack The Rapper.

Personalities of these characters:
"Ideas are open for more character traits"
Savage Swami:
- Sarcastic & Witty
- Pervert
- Gets wasted often.

Jack The Rapper:
- Wannabe rapper
- College Dropout
- Goofy
- Weed dealer
Holy Father:
- Pedophile
- Misogynist
- Stoner
- Buys his weed from Jack

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