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Originally Posted by Whiskers View Post
Writing some for free is an excellent way to reach readers... and you can use a little a space in the free works to advertise your paid work.
Thanks for that. So true, and I do put a page at the back of each with small graphics and teasers to check out other books I've published. I've got only a few more weeks before several of my books are no longer in the KDP Select program. Not only am I uncomfortable with their exclusive right to sell my books, I have no evidence it has made them more discoverable. So despite my reluctance to publish a few elsewhere, I think I'll do a "test" run with a few "free" books at Smashwords. Don't look forward to dealing with their Meatgrinder, though. And thanks again for the comments about Goodreads. That's in my IN box of things to do, soon.
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