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Didn't pick up your thread until page 2 so I didn't respond to your exact question. Sorry.

1- Last year, I began publishing e-books on the Kindle platform at Amazon using the Atlantis word processor because Amazon allows uploads in the epub format, which gives me a bit more room to fine-tune my documents than does Word with their doc format.

2- I considered Smashwords but they do not distribute e-books to Amazon, and did not allow uploads in the epub format. And the name of the program they use to convert Word docs to the various formats of their distributors (epub, mobi and so forth) is "Meatgrinder." Yikes! That alone sounds scary.

3- Early this year, I discovered Smashwords now allows uploads in the epub format. So I once again considered publishing a few of my e-books at Smashwords. Even though they don't distribute to Amazon, they do make Kindle-compatible books available on their site. And several independent authors told me lots of readers go to Smashwords to buy books for their Kindle. And it makes sense to publish with as many distributors as possible to give our writing the widest exposure possible.

3- But then I discovered Smashwords does not convert uploads in the epub format to any of the other formats (B&N, Sony, Apple). So that removes one reason for publishing anywhere but Amazon. And I'm really not very enthusiastic about uploading a book in the doc format, then holding my breath while the Meatgrinder chews it up.

Hope this speaks a bit more specifically to your question.
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