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But facts are fluid, wyf. We used to believe the speed of light was unsurpassable. Now we are finding out, that may not be the case.

For years , we knew for a fact how many planets orbited the sun. Now that's up for debate.

When I was a kid, a well-trusted company, Dow Chemical, along with our government, came up with a couple of 'facts': exposure to creosote is bad for you. And our friends at Dow Chemical have a solution, in an oderless, colorless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative, called 'Pentaseal'.

My dad bought the stuff in five-gallon buckets and we used it everywhere we had previously used creosote. My brother and I were soaked in the stuff every day during the course of my thirteenth summer, as we were treating the timbers for a new bridge we were building.

Exactly thirty years later I was diagnosed with cancer, and it turned out that pentachlorophenol and its contaminants are loaded with dioxins (think Agent Orange).

There are all kinds of 'facts' in that story, but which ones are pertinent? This was long before the internet, and my dad was no fool (he was the County Administrator of Hospitals at the time). He based his decision on what he considered to be the facts at hand, and they turned out to be lies.
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