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Originally Posted by wyf View Post
But you still avoided answering the question.
this question?
wyf asked If the founding fathers had a crystal ball and could look at America today, do you think they might have written the constitution in a different way?

Jimmy Madison wrote the Constitution For These United States, and Little Jimmy was a bit of a flip flopper.

So a few questions needs to be asked and answered before I answer this (again)

1. Would Jimmy Madison realize that many of the "interpretations" and "deviations" from The Constitution For These United States stem from his tendency towards lack of specificity?

Probably Not.

2. Would today's state of affairs have concerned Jimmy Madison?


Would he (Jimmy Madison) have written a different Constituion if he saw the chaos descended.

I'm 50-50 on that.

Would the people of the 11 states that originally ratifed the Constitution for These United States follow that same course if they had a crystal ball?

No. About 1860 or so a few of the states, unsuccessfully decided it was time to pursue a new republic......
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