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Originally Posted by HoiLei View Post
It's possible that MikeC hasn't been following this thread. I know I don't necessarily check up on responses to every post I make, though I try to.
You really should, I know I give almost all the topics I post in a cursory glance just to see if anyone responded to me.

Here's my take on the me/us thing. MikeC is a web designer. C.F. Jackson offers workshops to help people design their own websites. Mike says that once people are successful enough to afford it, they employ him. Jackson's addressing a different crowd: people who design their own websites for whatever reason. Knowing this, Mike may not have wanted to say "they employ people like us"; it would be inaccurate.

I may be wrong, since I don't know what Mike intended. But nor does anyone but him. Just remember that inferences are on your part. That you infer something doesn't mean he was implying it.
This is absolutely wonderful! I applauded you HoiLei

You countered my points and brought forth good insight by only using what you had to work with. You worked with ONLY what he said (Just as I did) and looked at it from a different angle! Well done! That was absolutely wonderful!

Some closing points:
First: You all missed a major point about this because you took an assumption that was proposed by SW as a fact without looking into it, and that was C.F. Jackson never said she was a web designer, she said she was a web marketing specialist.

Marketing and Design are not the same thing, they just normally work together.

Secondly to SW, It is not so much implied as is required that if you do something professionally like web design or marketing plans (or anything for that matter) that your work should be top line hence the idea of ‘professional quality’ or “professional grade”, hence why we call professionals to do specific jobs and tasks, because they are supposed to be better then what we can do on our own, that is what makes them professionals in the first place.

All in all, very insightful discussion and well done HoiLei, very good, I am still smiling from what you have said. Well done, but did you take the time to see how subtle hints and words can have major impacts and affects?

And with that, it seems we have gone far off topic that we are in a whole new land of make believe. Since I have pretty much said all I can say about this.

Some very good points about writing has been brought up and I hope that when you all start your very own web sites you give this some thought.

Your readers only have what you have written to work with.

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Because we all need a cheering section.

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