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Originally Posted by SW View Post
They both are in the designing business. If he doesn't say it... it doesn't necessarily have to be inferred, because there's nothing inferring it.
This is a really great chance to look at that, I mean this. This is a great learning chance.

Let have a look at what was being said, shall we?

Mike C by his post implied she is either, not a professional, or not good at it (maybe both), because he said:

That's why, as authors become more successful (or take their vocation more seriously) they employ people like me.

Notice that little bit that I made bold, “me” Take note to see that he did not say “they employ people like Us.

Now, this is very important, because it does infer an idea, allow me to show you.

By excluding the “Us” Mike C is saying she is not the type of person to call if you are successful of serious about your vocation, which leaves the door open to us to wager why that is.

We are left with many options to entertain, she could be subpar compared to people "like him", or she is just not a professional web designer "like him", and we might be able to think up other options on this, but the end result remains the same.

Now we see that Mike C does not directly say something like "Don't call her" or even says something bad about her, but gets his idea across to you in a very effective subliminal suggestive manner, that if you are (or want to be) successful, you don't call people like her you contact people like Him.

See how implied ideas work now?

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